Different types of wood

Is soft maple a soft wood? Finishes well and has low resistance to decay. Carpentry[ change change source ] Carpenters make houses of mostly soft wood such as pine. Walnut is strong, hard and durable, without being excessively heavy. It is often less expensive than comparable hardwoods.

Mahogany is an excellent carving wood and finishes well. Scandinavian modern, and oriental furniture styles are often crafted of teak. Used for masts and spars for ships, aircraft, crates, boxes, general millwork and ladders.

Indigenous to the Pacific United States, redwood trees grow to more than feet tall and 2, years old. This option is often most economical but can only be used for painting applications.

Wood is also sometimes used in other parts of the house, like doors and staircases. However, knots are closed and tight, preventing them from falling out and leaving voids in the wood. Has moderate shrinkage and light in weight. Ash is a hard, heavy, ring porous hardwood. These knots absorb paint much differently than the rest of the wood.

In a home, softwoods primarily are used as structural lumber such as 2x4s and 2x6s, with limited decorative applications. Beech is often used for frames, a variety of bent and turned parts. They grow in the tropical forests of the world and must be imported for domestic use.

It is easy to carve and polish. Knotty Pine, true to its name, contains tight knots throughout the wood. Some people like the look of wood, so they put clear paint called varnish on it.

American Hardwood Information Center

It carves well, but because of its high value, is often used as a veneer. The Birds eye figure in maple is said to be the result of stunted growth and is quite rare. It grows in Europe, America and Asia. Works easy and finishes well.

Mahogany is also used in styles ranging from Victorian furniture reproductions to Contemporary. The grades of common lumber are No.

Even if they are covered with paint at the time of finishing, the paint may be absorbed over time causing the knots to "bleed through. Knotty pine is often used for decorative effect. Rubberwood is a wood from the Maple family. When someone builds something with wood, they usually paint it. Uniform in texture and nonresinous.

The American beech is a single species which grows in the eastern half of the United States.

Wood Types

Redwood burls have a "cluster of eyes" figure. A third option for a paintgrade wood is Alder. Often a more economical option, Rubberwood is also part of the Maple family. European birch is fine grained, rare and expensive. Each grain pattern is a unique masterpiece of design, texture and splendor.

Oak is a heavy, strong, light colored hardwood. Walnut is used in all types of fine cabinet work, especially 1 8th century reproductions. According to the Janka ScaleHickory is the hardest wood type on the scale. Wood is also used to make fences.Types of Wood Comparing American Hardwoods, Softwoods and Tropical Hardwoods.

Wood products are known for their natural beauty, but when selecting a type of wood for your next cabinetry, flooring, furniture or millwork project, it is important to also consider the level of durability by understanding the difference between wood types. What type of wood is the hardest?

Wood types are often measured by density to determine hardness. According to the Janka Scale, Hickory is the hardest wood type ( on the scale). Why is white oak more expensive than red oak? White oak is a speciality wood type at Osborne Wood Products.

Understanding different types of wood is really important for woodworker and furniture makers. It is unreasonable for woodworkers to learn every type of wood as there are hundreds of wood species, so below I have listed some of the most common types of wood lumber species that woodworkers use for making furniture and woodworking hand tools.

Wood is one of the most commonly used materials in the world, and almost any type of wood can be used to build furniture. Each type of wood has its own unique characteristics, which in turn can add different degrees of warmth, emphasis and beauty to its surrounding decor. The type of wood you choose determines the beauty and strength of the finished piece.

Many varieties of wood are available, and each has its own properties. The following sections introduce you to the most common types of soft- and hardwoods.

This is a list of woods, in particular those most commonly used in the timber and lumber trade. Softwoods (coniferous) Araucaria.

Hoop pine (Araucaria cunninghamii) (One of the largest private collection of wood samples) African Timber Export Statistics.

Different types of wood
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