Essay on the evolution of the english language

Even with such strict rules, proper English writing remains the best way for clearly and effectively communicating a message.

The story of the power hungry King Richard the Third is another very popular play by Shakespeare. Writing properly in English helps each writer achieve the goal of effectively communicating a message or idea.

How English Evolved Into a Modern Language

So do some medical words such as cancer. English is a little like a living thing that continues to grow. It sounded very much like German. Today, the English used in instant messages or the Ebonics of urban cultures create a whole new style of communication, but ignore the many common rules of proper English.

The kings of Britain did not speak the language of the people until the early fourteen hundreds. A dissertation or scholarly journal ripe with improper English, however, loses credibility with its educated audience, which is most likely in a position of evaluation.

Get Access The evolution of the English language Essay Sample The evolution of the English language includes many changes, mutations, and practices accepted by one generation and discarded by the next. Though English contains hundreds of thousands of words, scores of different regional dialects, and many influences from non-English languages, the goal of every English word, phrase, and sentence remains the same: Today we present the second of our two programs about the history of the English Language.

Regardless of regional grammatical rules, good writing provokes intelligent thought and presents its message in the clearest and most concise ways possible. The printing press made it possible for almost anyone to buy a book. Knowing the audience of the writing provides the writer the proper guidelines; however, the goal remains the effective communication of the idea as concisely as possible.

He returned to Britain with the first printing press. The Oxford English Dictionary lists about six hundred fifteen thousand words.

Skill, creativity, and subject matter usually take care of the rest. As proper English strives for clarity, formality, and effective communication, writing adhering to these rules adds strength and credibility.

Chaucer wrote that poem in the late thirteen hundreds. Experts say that English has more words that explain the same thing that any other language. From the archaic English words of Beowulf, to the Middle English of Chaucer, to the Modern English of Shakespeare, the language survived and became the most commonly used language on the planet, whether as a primary national language or commonly-learned second language.

Common mistakes, the use of slang, and failure to follow grammatical rules contribute to the ineffectiveness of communication. Experts cannot explain many English words. Slowly, Norman French was used less and less until it disappeared. International organizations such as VOA would find it impossible to operate without a second language all the people speak.

In time, people in these new colonies began to call areas of their new land by words borrowed from the native people they found living there. The English language also became part of these colonies. Britain had other colonies in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and India.

Educated people from different countries could communicate using Latin. This is Steve Ember. This borrowing or adding of foreign words to English was a way of expanding the language.Richard Lederer's essay, "The Strange Case of the English Language," has opened our minds to the fact that English is such a crazy language, after all.

Despite the fact that it is the one of the most contradicting languages in the history of linguistics, English has still been the most widely spoken language on our planet for years/5(12). The Evolution of the English Language Did you know an estimated million people speak English in the world today?

English comes from the Germanic branch of the Indo-European language tree and evolved on the island of Great Britain. Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Evolution of English Language - Essay Example

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This paper will address evolution of English over time. Languages don’t just happen-they evolve naturally and are a constant work in progress in addition to.

Essays; English Language; Impact of Texting on Language. Print Reference this. Published: Texting is the next step in evolution of English language so we should be cautious about it.

There are two main arguments about text messaging. Joan Lee did study to find the impact of texting on language skills. Based on her data, her results. How English Evolved Into a Modern Language January 01, A portrait of William Shakespeare is pictured in London, painted in and is believed to be the only surviving picture of William.

Essay on the evolution of the english language
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