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So I conclude that India is a very incredible and mystical — yet to be discovered. We speak different languages, worship many gods and yet we all have the same spirit of India, we are running through all parts of our country binding us together.

It is the second most populated country in the world.

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It is famous for its biggest democracy and oldest civilization of Our country india essay world. Many great people were born in India. I am proud of its natural resources and its friendly people. The appointment in of Lord Dalhousie as Governor General of the East India Company set the stage for changes essential to a modern state.

My country abounds in glorious historical buildings and scenes.

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Kashmir was overrun by the tribals. India is a democratic country where its public are authorized to take decisions for the betterment of the country. My country Essay for class 2: These parallel chains run from the Arabian Sea coast in Gujarat in the west to the coal-rich Chota Nagpur Plateau in Jharkhand in the east.

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Various invaders came and steal the glory and precious things of India. It is a country rich in natural resources yet inhabitants here are poor.

Age-old traditions, customs, rituals, prayers, dresses, ornaments, dance and music forms, varieties of food items are unique features of festivals in India and attract many foreigners from different countries to visit India. Bharat is the official name of India. Technological changes—among them, railways, canals, and the telegraph—were introduced not long after their introduction in Europe.

Whenever I travel, I feel very homely in any part of India. The mother-tongue of my country is Hindi however many languages are spoken here by the people of different religions without any boundation. Citizens here are very polite and understanding in nature.

India is a beautiful country surrounded by the oceans from three sides. We have great unity in diversity, it is the country where diversity exists with strong unity and peace.

Festivals like Diwali, Holi, do not belong to any one community but is celebrated by all.

My Country India- English Essay on My Country India for School Students

This is a thing which you see nowhere except in India. The land that gives me food, water all the resources I need; the land that would one day make me move ahead to achieve my goals through a so-called Indian personality.

India is the largest democracy of the world. Students are generally given this topic in their schools to write some paragraphs or full essay in the class tests or main exams. The flora and fauna is also something to be proud of.

It is a country where great leaders Shivaji, Gandhiji, Nehru, Dr. India is mother to all her citizens. India Our country india essay a penisula surrounded by Arabian sea, Indian ocean and Bay of Bengal. After World War I, in which approximately one million Indians served[] a new period began.

The day our country got freedom means 15th of August is celebrated every year as Independence Day. It is a vast country. It is a peace loving country where people of many religions follow their own culture and tradition as well as celebrate their festivals without any interference.

It is a national festival that is celebrated with joy and happiness by all of us. They can select anyone of these India essay according to the words limit: Goa is the smallest states by area.

My Country My Country: Peace especially through spirituality is a basic and unique quality of India.हमारा देश 'भारत' India My Country Essay. December 15, NibandhLekhak. Aug 15,  · When we get rid of corruption we call our country “The Incredible India”. India is rich in resources.

The flora and fauna is also something to be proud fresh-air-purifiers.com: The Hindu. India is my country, my Sample Essay on my country India for school Our fields are fed with perennial waters of the fresh-air-purifiers.com is my first love.

India is my motherland. It is a country of lakes, gardens, springs and hills. She has many rivers which irrigate her vast and fertile lands. Subject: Write an English essay on My Country India in your words.

(My Country India Essay) Complexity: Easy: Grade/Class: 1 st to 5th Standard: Number of words: words: Age group. Our Country, Our Pride (Essay Sample) I cherish my nation since India is a country with solidarity in assorted qualities and advance in time, however.

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